We, the SMART-Navigation project office,
will ensure that all our efforts will provide safe traffic at sea,
will develop new ecological industrial options in the maritime field,
and will ultimately be a smart leader
in the e-Navigation technology global market.

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WP9 : Establishing pilot digital maritime wireless communication network(VDES/D-HF)
Development pilot digital maritime wireless communication network (VDES/D-HF) to implement seamless roaming in the ocean


  • The new digital technologies will be applied to VHF/HF band previously used for voice communication to develop pilot digital communication infrastructure which is mandatory to implement SMART-Navigation project for seamless roaming in the ocean.
  • Establishing testbed for VHF Data Exchange System(VDES)/ Digital HF(D-HF) communication system
  • Efficient and effective strategy for establishing digital communication will be proposed regarding testbed result for preparing full-scale project
  • Testbed will be used for e-Navigation service and communication channel test before full-scale project