We, the SMART-Navigation project office,
will ensure that all our efforts will provide safe traffic at sea,
will develop new ecological industrial options in the maritime field,
and will ultimately be a smart leader
in the e-Navigation technology global market.

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WP6 : Maritime Environment and Safety Information Service (MESIS)
MESIS provides maritime safety information (MSI) including navigational warning, weather information, hydrographic information and maritime environment information. LTE-Maritime and VDES are being considered as physical communication links for MESIS but not limited to these. Other communication links available on-board of service requesting ship can be used as well.

Target Vessels

SOLAS and Non-SOLAS ships

Service Area

LTE-Maritime-enabled Korean waters

Service Scenario

(Before departure) Check Maritime safety information → Download maritime safety information, Maritime publications, marine meteorological and hydrographic Information → Refer to maritime safety information for planning route → Secure the navigational information from departure to arrival

(in operation) Receiving Maritime safety information regular broadcasting → Receiving emergency information → Update meteorological information → update maritime publications, hydrographic information of port of arrival