We, the SMART-Navigation project office,
will ensure that all our efforts will provide safe traffic at sea,
will develop new ecological industrial options in the maritime field,
and will ultimately be a smart leader
in the e-Navigation technology global market.

  • 2016
    • July
      • Partner agreement has been agreed and signed.
      • SMART-Navigation Project Office Opening ceremony was held
    • May~June
      • Applications for the activity leader were invited for each activity Activity 1, 2: KRISO(KOREA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SHIPS & OCEAN ENGINEERING) consortium Avtivity 3: KR(KOREAN REGISTER)
    • April
      • RFP(Request for Proposal) was made for each activity.
    • March
      • The SMART-Navigation Project Office, and its leader were selected.
    • January
      • Applications for The SMART-Navigation Project Office, and its leader were invited
  • 2015
    • December
      • Steering Committie of National Science & Technology Council selected SMART-Navigation Project to get supported as the "World best technology"
      • The amount of government funding for 2016 is confirmed(KEW 8.5 B)
    • July
      • Strategic Action Plan for SMART-Navigation Project Office Leader, was confirmed
    • April
      • e-Navigation Corresponding Strategy Forum was established
    • March
      • Committee hearing was held for SMART-Navigation Strategic Antion Plan
  • 2014
    • November
      • Ministry of Strategy and Finance confirmed SMART-Navigation Project as qualified at pre-feasibility study (Period: 5years, KRW 1308 B/Private fund included)
  • 2013
    • November
      • Implementation strategy for SMART-Navigation was developed.