We, the SMART-Navigation project office,
will ensure that all our efforts will provide safe traffic at sea,
will develop new ecological industrial options in the maritime field,
and will ultimately be a smart leader
in the e-Navigation technology global market.

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5 [e-Navigation] Maritime Executive_Maritime Connectivity Platform Launched 2019-02-09 1193
4 [e-Navigation] Yonhap_Korea joins int'l consortium for e-navigation as founding member 2019-02-08 1203
3 [e-Navigation] Yonhap_S. Korea to promote int'l efforts to set up worldwide e-Navigation system 2018-06-03 1111
2 [e-Navigation] Yonhap_S. Korea, Denmark to test maritime cloud technology 2017-11-17 2200
1 [e-Navigation] Pulse_S. Korea and Denmark perform validation test for maritime cloud technology 2017-11-17 2177